Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jarrell Orthodontics' Fact Sheet
Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment

Two new treatment modalities, in use at Jarrell Orthodontics, are now offering orthodontic patients who want to accelerate their treatment with options to do so. While Propel and AcceleDent both rely on the stimulation of the bone remodeling to speed up treatment time, one is a procedure performed in the orthodontic office while the other is relies on patient cooperation.


With Propel, micro-osteoperforations are used to stimulate the bone to remodel faster thereby accelerating treatment. Propel “Fast Tracks” orthodontic treatment by enhancing the naturally occurring biological effects of orthodontic treatment; stimulating the bone remodeling process thereby accelerating the rate of tooth movement and increasing treatment predictability.

Movements that were once challenging can now be completed to a more ideal finish, in a safer and truly more efficient manner.
·        Propel treatment is simple taking a few minutes chair side and is typically performed at the beginning or middle of orthodontic treatment at a regular patient visit. 
·        Most patients require just 1 – 2 PROPEL treatments.  Complexity and duration of the movements determine the number of treatments needed.

Propel is can be used with any orthodontic treatment that we provide, fixed appliances or aligner treatments. Described by patients as “very easy, painless, and super quick”, this exciting new treatment is helping us effect tooth movement and space closure in once challenging situations at a much faster pace than ever before.


While Propel is a treatment administered while the orthodontic patient is in the chair, AcceleDent, used by the patient at a time and place of their choosing, is a first-of-its-kind medical device that works along with conventional orthodontic treatment to accelerate tooth movement. It is a hands-free device, used daily for a recommended 20 minutes, during which patients can simultaneously carry out routine tasks, such as watching TV, reading or texting. Its exclusive SoftPulse Technology™ generates precisely calibrated micropulses to accelerate remodeling activity during orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent Aura has been reported to make the orthodontic treatment not only faster, but also more comfortable. It’s designed to be fast, safe and gentle.

The use of AcceleDent is allowing our Invisalign patients to cut their treatment times by at least 50% while those in traditional braces are seeing a 30% to 50% decrease in treatment time.

At Jarrell Orthodontics, our goal is to create healthy, beautiful smiles for our patients.  Propel and AcceleDent enable us to achieve our goals more efficiently than ever before.

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